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Your Town Needs You – Neighbourhood Plan Team Seeks Volunteers To Shape The Towns Future




The Neighbourhood Plan Team for Hadleigh is making a plea for community minded individuals to come forward and donate some time to help shape the future of the town. It also ensures that more funds from developers who build houses in the town are retained in the Town, to spend on local projects.  

The Neighbourhood Plan when complete will determine significant issues for the Town including where new housing is to be built, design and type, the transport needs for the town, the local environment and local green spaces, community facilities and leisure, local economy and tourism including retail, commercial properties and the town centre.  

We need teams of people to provide a description of your area, including photos, highlighting the opportunities and threats in your neighbourhood. 


The areas are:

1. High Street Areas.
2. North East, Anne Beaumont Way, Friars Rd, Gallows Hill and all streets within this triangle.
3. Boswell Lane South, Calais St, Pykenham and the Bradfields.
4. Oxford Dr development, Red Hill Rd, and Malyon Rd to boundary of Industrial Estate.
5. Angel St south side, Magdalen Rd, Taylor Rd south and The Green.
6. Taylor Rd south, Station Rd, Magdalen Rd north side and Frog Hall Lane.
7. Station Road south side, Pond Hall Lane, Hook Lane to Conservation A reaboundary at back of Benton St.
8. Industrial Estate.
9. Lady Lane, The Green, Tower Mill Lane and Weavers Meadow Estate.


Anyone wishing to get involved is asked to either call the Town Clerk on 01473 823884 or email hadleighneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com

For further information, please visit the Hadleigh Neighbourhood Plan website at www.hadleighnp.onesuffolk.net