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Hadleigh Town Council is undertaking a Neighbourhood Plan for Hadleigh. A community-led planning framework for guiding the future develoment, regeneration and conservation of Hadleigh.  It is about the use and development of land and may contain a vision, aims, planning policies, proposals for improving Hadleigh or providing new facilities, or allocation of key sites for specific kinds of development.  It may deal with a wide range of social, economic and environmental issues (such as housing, employment, heritage and transport) or it may focus on one or two issues only.  These may be issues that are relevant to the whole of Hadleigh or just to part of Hadleigh. 

A Neighbourhood Plan will be part of the statutory development plan for Hadleigh, if successful at a local referendum.  This statutory status gives the Neighbourhood Plan far more weight than other local documents that may have been developed by the Town Council. 

In order to do this it was felt the views of Hadleigh residents should be sought prior to any decision on the production of a plan.  To date the following events have taken place and the resident survey results are available below. 

Hadleigh Town Council's Neighbourhood Plan group is continuing its work on gathering opinions on shaping Hadleigh's future.

The next stage in the Plan is to analyse all our findings and begin to think about priorities and projects and we'll be publicising these in the near future.  As always, the group is keen to get others involved. 

To pass on any comments you may have on the Neighbourhood Plan direct to Councillors please use this e.mail address:hadleighneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com or via our Facebook page.  

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