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A good variety of independent retail shops complimented by multiples such as our East of England Co-op are essential to the vibrancy of our High Street.  Overwhelming opinion is that we must do all we can to keep our car parks free to attract shoppers from the surrounding area.

Below is Hadleigh Town Councils response to the proposal to remove free short term parking in Hadleigh 

If you wish to retain free short term parking in Hadleigh let your Babergh District Councillors know your feelings. 

Dear All

Hadleigh Town Council is taking this opportunity to email you as our District Councillors and Councillors serving on Babergh District for our neighbouring villages concerning the possible introduction of further parking charges in both Hadleigh and Sudbury.

These are  our objections to the proposals:

1. Hadleigh High Street is unique in the offerings to the consumer especially as is it in a Conservation Area
2. Since the introduction of long term parking charges the problems with parking have escalated both in the High Street and in neighbouring streets causing significant problems for residents and also motorists attempting to manoeuvre past parked/double parked car and lorries some of whom are delivering to local shops
3. The proposal will cause further problems for small and medium businesses many of whom have staff that need to park locally and also many of those workers are on little more than the minimum wage
4. The introduction of any residents parking scheme will not solve the problem – it will not guarantee parking spaces for residents and there will be objections to having to pay for that and also to pay for visitors parking when they also may not be able to find a space
5. There are already single and double yellow lines in the High Street and neighbouring streets that are constantly flouted and because of the pressures on the Police they cannot deal with as it is a huge issue
6. Hadleigh Town Council would request that Babergh District Council consider the option of the decriminalisation of parking in the town which would also help combat the illegal parking issues in and around the High Street

Hadleigh Town Council trust that Babergh District Councillors will take into account the objections received both from ourselves, local businesses and residents alike.